Magnificent explanation


Magnificent explanation

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Music videos from the album “Ultra

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My today’s painting presenting Dave Gahan.

It’s very sketchy, chaotic and probably would use some blending and more details, but to be honest I like it this way.  know that recently I’m going bonkers with colours, roughness and different brush strokes on my works, but you know, I enjoy experimenting and I’m still looking for stuff that will work best for me.

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Happy Birthday Depeche Mode with your single ‘Wrong’ released on 6|4|2009, 5 years ago !

It was their 1st song released from their album Sounds Of The Universe.

The single officially debuted on 21 February 2009, when the band performed at the Echo Awards in Berlin, Germany

link youtube:

The B-side “Oh Well” (which also appears on the Sounds of the Universe deluxe box set edition) is the first collaboration between Martin Gore (music) and Dave Gahan (lyrics).

The music video for “Wrong” was filmed in December 2008 and directed by Patrick Daughters. It debuted on the band’s MySpace page on 20 February 2009. The video depicts a Ford Crown Victoria rolling backwards down a Los Angeles downtown street, seemingly with no driver at the wheel. A shot inside the car reveals a man in a latex mask lying unconscious in the front seat, played by Liars drummer Julian Gros

link Music Video Wrong youtube:

Highest Chart Peakings: #1 Italy, Poland, dance Billboard & #2 Germany

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For Polish DM fans xoxo

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Walking In My Shoes (projections from The Singles Tour)

gifs - part 2

special thanks to ditrystickythought for helping me find the video

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mart :D

He’s simply the best :D


mart :D

He’s simply the best :D

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2048: DMDM Edition →

Yeah, I made it all by myself. Have fun ^_^

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